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Parenting Plan Videos

This video series is a useful companion as you are filling out Justice Canada’s free online Parenting Plan Tool. You may want to watch each video prior to filling out the tool. You will also find a video summarizing some recent changes to terminology in family law. The parenting plan tool was developed for making parenting arrangements under the Divorce Act, although the tool may still have useful information for parents making parenting arrangements under provincial or territorial law.

A parenting plan is a document that sets out how children will be cared for post-separation, including parenting time and decision-making responsibility. The Parenting Plan Tool was developed to help you create your own parenting plan.

The videos do not contain legal advice but include general information about filling out the parenting plan tool.

You can access Justice Canada’s free online parenting plan tool here.

New Terminology

Parenting Plan Video 1

Parenting Plan Video 2

Parenting Plan Video 3

Parenting Plan Video 4

Parenting Plan Video 5

Parenting Plan Video 6

Parenting Plan Video 7

Parenting Plan Video 8

Parenting Plan Video 9

Parenting Plan Video 10